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Product Design & Engineering – Prototype Services



3D models you can hold, discuss and test.

Imagine creating a concept in CAD, then holding a functional model of it a few hours later. That’s the power of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Laser Sintering(LS). More real than a virtual CAD simulation TDM’s rapid prototype properties accelerate your design process by producing functional models that perform just like the final part. We can grow multiple parts or your assembly in one piece to test fit & function.

The most complex, most durable models.

If you can design it with 3D CAD, TDM can print it with a production-grade thermoplastic. TDM’s Rapids have customer proven toughness – from interior and seating components, to final parts on exterior applications normally machined in aircraft-grade aluminum.

Design new products with confidence.

These prototypes assist your engineers during the engineering development phase, helping to evaluate the appearance, fit, and function of new products. This allows you the ability to correct errors before committing to the cost of full production.
Power Train Components - Interior Components - Seating Trim Components  »
Power Train Components -  Interior Components -  Seating Trim Components
Tablet Holders - Assembly Aids - Snap Features  »
Parts up to 711x381x584mm (28”x15”x23”) are available in off-white Rapid Nylon  »
Layer Thickness:0.254mm (0.1”) or 0.33mm (0.13”) of precisely deposited ABS.  »

Generally, parts can be produced from CAD within 2 to 4 business days.

We can build ABS models up to 254x254x320mm (10”x10”x12”) in house in any of the following colors:

See our color list
Prototype-Color List


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