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TDM, Troy Design and Manufacturing Product and Services Offerings are listed below.

Within our Product Offerings, we are specialized in using the up-to-date technology in increasing the efficiency and end-results with customer satisfaction as our priority.

TDM, Troy Design and Manufacturing Offers services via cutting edge technology and the listed below is a sneak peek.

Equipment that we use:

The results of our latest technology is easy to understand. End results are easy to assess and the need for alternative designs very quickly.

Detailed analysis using computer models helps you understand whether or not to optimize the required part for low cost manufacture.

Using Circle Grid analysis and other processes that we have adapted, we measure the strain level and predict the problem before they become a problem.

Die Construction

Prototype and production dies built to design and built to last according to every requirement.

TDM offers "prototyping" and the models will be tested to replicate and meet the required criteria. We follow the modern trend and eliminate the physical prototype and model all aspects of the final product as a 'Computer Model'. Please read more on our Services.

Die Construction - Troy Deign and Manufacturing

Die Tryout

Our tool and die makers are the best in the business with the experience to get the most out of every blank.

We evaluate the performance of proposed design in the early phases with an ultimate goal of identifying and eliminating potential flaws.

Die Tryout - Troy Deign and Manufacturing

Table Top Cam / Variable Binder

New developments in metal forming through innovation and industry partnerships.

Table Top Cam - Troy Deign and Manufacturing

FEA Correlation

A closed loop feedback process between manufacturing and engineering that yields significant cost savings in production.

If you are interested in learning more about us, please send us an email.

FEA - Troy Deign and Manufacturing