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TDM, Troy Design and Manufacturing's approach in Product Assembly:

By successfully implementing the evaluation methods that are/being developed In-house, we proved to have greater control over the manufacturing costs.

Being fully automated and with the 'Prototype' approach, we successfully implement the required design for assembly as proposed.

With the use of Robotics, we assist and perform the tasks autonomously for determining appropriate levels of Assembly.

Equipment used in Product Assembly:

TDM offers Robotics MIG Welding, a most popular welding method and we prefer that for its versatility/ease of adaptability to Robotic automation. Contact Us for more information.


We design and build prototype and production fixturing to support every vehicle program need.

Prototype models that we develop reduce the requirement of labor by simplifying the model across a production run. It also enables us to understand the model and restructure it all-over if required with minimal distortion.

Fixturing - Troy Design and Manufacturing

Conventional and Special Tooling

Our metal model makers are experienced in designing and building custom and special tooling to meet the full array of customer requests.

TDM's combination of 'Conventional and Special Tooling' provides a combination of methods and technologies to create a requirement-specific model in the most expeditious manner.

Conventional and Special Tooling - Troy Design and Manufacturing

Robotic Assembly Cells

We meet every prototype and low-volume production challenge with speed and efficiency.

We are successful in meeting/exceeding the expectations of the the customer needs in Assembly with high speed, endurance and precision.

Robotic Assembly Cells - Troy Design and Manufacturing