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President - Todd Jaranowski

Todd Jaranowski is appointed President, TDM.

President of TDM, Todd Jaranowski

Todd Jaranowski

President of TDM

Vice President of Operations - Kristina Karschnia

Kristina Karschnia is appointed Vice President of TDM.

Vice President of Operations - Kristina Karschnia

Kristina Karschnia

Vice President of TDM

TDM Leadership

The leadership team of TDM is very proud to present a group of highly skilled, talented and engaged people. At the core of our success is the cross functional mind-set. We thrive on solving problems, deploying value-added solutions, and exceeding the expectations of our customers, associates and suppliers.

We believe that our people are the greatest asset of the company. We develop our associates so that we can promote from within. We are process driven, we believe in the value of 6-Sigma, and we turn every challenge into an opportunity for success.

Ed Strach, Controller

Ed Strach


Ned Oliver, V.P. of Operations

Ned Oliver

V.P. of Operations

Tim Jagoda, V.P. of Program Mgmt

Tim Jagoda

V.P. of Program Mgmt

Steve Guido, V.P. of Manufacturing

Steve Guido

V.P. of Manufacturing

Brian Bickley, Director - MP&L

Brian Bickley

Director - MP&L

 Steve Harrison, Director - Prgm Planning

Steve Harrison

Director - Prgm Planning

Joseph Ganci, Director of Facilities

Joseph Ganci

Director of Facilities

Lee Murray, Director of Technology

Lee Murray

Director of Technology

Edward Shankin, Director - Fixture Design

Edward Shankin

Director - Fixture Design

Kevin Grzebyk, Director - Proto Prog Mgt

Kevin Grzebyk

Director - Proto Prog Mgt

Jim Bergen, Director of Human Resources

Jim Bergen

Director of Human Resources

Steve Mortens, Director of Engineering

Steve Mortens

Director of Engineering

Matt Bergeron - CMC Plant Manager

Matt Bergeron

Plant Manager - CMC

Raymond Ridener, Manager - Qual & Op's Eng

Raymond Ridener

Manager - Quality&Ops Eng


Tim Sallade

Director of Prototype Mfg